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Best adaptogens for skin

Adaptogens on Skin. Really?


So, How Do They Work...

When used in skin care, adaptogens appear to reduce signs of fatigue, lessen the toxic effects of stress, slow down the appearance of aging.

Nice, But Which Adaptogens suit your skin?

Licorice root is  an anti-inflammatory that calms the body. 

Gotu-Kola is an herb that help increases collagen production and assists in wound healing.

Reishi Mushroom  is a type of mushroom that reduces inflammation and benefits skin disorders.

Sea Buckthorn is a berry with incredible adaptogenic properties, it has been used to heal psoriasis, it helps on making skin glow, support overall skin immunity, works as antiaging agent.

Schisandra protect your cells from free radicals and prevent skin oxidation,

Holy Basil help remove blackheads, acne scars and marks,

Ashwagandha has antioxidant benefits that boost and improve blood circulation and immune system, reflecting in glowing skin. Contributes on reduce age spots, wrinkles, blemishes and stimulates collagen production.


Let's Keep It Simple...

Natural Skin Care Products With Adaptogens And Superfoods