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Best Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be a real pain, especially when you're getting ready to go out. But it's possible to get the perfect makeup look while still taking care of your sensitive skin. Here are our top tips for looking great while keeping your skin happy

Fragrance-Free Skincare Products: Are They The Best For Everyone?

Over the past few decades, more people have begun to recognize that some of the chemicals in our daily products may not be safe. This has led many companies to reformulate their products and remove certain ingredients that can cause harm. However, there are still plenty of other chemicals in our personal care products that we don't know much about - especially fragrances. Fragrances are used in everything from laundry detergent to toothpaste but few people realize how little is known about these chemicals or what they do when we put them on our skin or inhale them into our lungs.

Lipstick Color and Dress Color Guide
Choosing the right lipstick colors can be a tough terrain to navigate; many find lipsticks to be intimidating and avoid them altogether. But what a mistake that is! Lipstick can not only tie a look together, but it can make a bold statement. If you don’t feel comfortable picking a shade for your dress, you can use this guide to get started.
Eyeshadow and Dress Color Guide
It’s Saturday night. You’ve been invited to a big event or asked on a date by that guy you’ve been eyeing up at work for months. You’ve been using the same kohl eyeliner pencil for the last five years. No one’s ever seen you in anything but your work clothes. You’ve found a new dress, especially for tonight, but now what?
Benefits of Using a Superfood Cleanser
Our daily routines can leave our skin dull and lifeless. Have you considered a superfood cleanser to nourish your skin from the outside in? Superfoods can freshen your appearance while giving your skin an invigorating cleanse. 
10 Reasons to add Shitake and Reishi to Your Skin Care Routine
Shitake and Reishi mushrooms are high in antioxidants, complex B vitamins and Kojic acid. By incorporating their extracts into your skin care routine, you can reap numerous benefits.
Here are 10 Reasons to add Shitake and Reishi mushrooms to your skin care routine
The Highs And Lows of Heels vs. Flats
High heeled shoes are more than just a shoe; they’re powerful and beautiful. Often placed in shop windows to lure us in, high heel shoes are adored even by those that do not wear them. It takes a special skill to be able to walk in such a complex shoe. Wearing them elevates an outfit and the wearer to new heights. There are some downfalls to them, though. Hopefully, there will not be any literal downfalls.
This is How Often You Should Moisturize Your Beard
You’ve made it through the awkward growing stage, then the treacherous itchy phase, and now you want to keep it.  This means committing to a daily beard care regimen.
The 4 Best Products for Anti-Aging According to Dermatologists
Age. It catches up with the best of us. And as the years go by, there are constant building pressures to keep your skin looking as youthful as possible for as long as possible. So, what is the secret to baby smooth skin in your older years? Skincare. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But with the ever-growing and changing products on the market, what should you be putting on your face?
This is the Importance of a Skincare Routine
Whether you are struggling with problem skin or merely looking to achieve a balanced complexion, the difference between drab and fab skin lies with your skincare routine. Developing a reliable skincare routine can take time and troubleshooting, but it is an essential step in maintaining healthy skin for life.
The Best Lipstick to Wear with Navy Blue
Choosing the right lipstick for your outfit can be just as important as choosing the right shoes or handbag. In the world of makeup, lipstick is the leading accessory. Picking the right shade for the moment will depend on your skin’s complexion and how you hope to compliment your ensemble. The right lipstick will elevate your look to catch eyes and turn heads.
The Subjective Nature of Beauty and Attraction Explained
"Wow, you're so pretty!" "Gosh, you're gorgeous." What wonderful compliments to hear, right? Even if you are one of those folks who get a bit awkward after being showered with compliments, we all enjoy the confidence boost every now and then. Yet, as good as the flattery may make you feel, it's important to remember that these opinions are subjective.
These Are The 22 Acne Products That REALLY Work
You are not alone when it comes to finding the best acne products that really work for you. It seems like each brand wants to shove their acne product down your throat without much consideration for how it will react with you. So, just how can you find out which acne products works best?
This Is The Best Make Up For A Blonde
Whoever said, blondes have all the fun, never had to find makeup for a blonde. There many shades of blonde, different skin tones, and eye color. All of these play a part in finding the best makeup for a blonde. 
This Is Why Skin Care Is Good for Your Mental Health
Most people don’t think about it, but our skin is one of the most complex and important parts of our body. Taking good care of your skin is essential, but did you know a good skin care regime has many good effects on your mental health?
Why Do Women Wear Make-up?
Women have been wearing makeup in cultures all around the world for thousands of years. The types and aesthetics of the makeup have changed with time and technology, but cosmetics have been a mainstay almost as long as human culture has existed. But why has makeup been around for so long?
What You Need in Your Skin Care Regimen
There are literally thousands of skincare products from all over the world. Just drop by a local drugstore and you will see a long aisle of skincare products that promise healthier, younger-looking, and smooth skin.
14 Skin Care and Beauty Tips and Products for Your 40s
By the time we reach the age of 40, there are certain areas of our bodies that begin to show signs of the years that have passed. Unfortunately, our skin is one of the first areas that show these signs of aging, and this can be very disheartening. Luckily, there are ways to slow down this aging and help embrace your skin every step of the way. The best ways to slow aging are to handle or protect yourself from things like UV radiation, pollution, poor diet, smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep, etc., which can cause premature aging
Beauty Products and Skincare To Avoid When Pregnant
Pregnancy is an exciting time that also comes with its whirlwind of information on what to do and, better yet, what not to do. It begins to make you question your whole routine. Luckily, we found the most dangerous and controversial ingredients in beauty products and skincare to have expected mothers on high alert for what to avoid during pregnancy. 
Sensitive Skin Care for Beauty over 50
Most people think that they need some expensive elixir to look young and have healthy skin when they reach their 50s. They expect to wear wrinkles and fine lines with pride. Some might have another idea, especially since it's quite easy to have youthful-looking skin even as the years go by.
NEVER Mix These Skincare Products!

Having a dedicated skincare routine can significantly improve the health and appearance of your skin. Unfortunately, many people make the common mistake of overloading products, or using incompatible ingredients, which can lead to more damage than benefits for your skin.