The Sensitive Skin Bundle

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Gentle·Firm·Instant Hydration

This bundle includes a 3-step solution for sensitive skin. Adaptogens and nourishing superfoods, including licorice, kale and shitake will reduce redness, irritation and improve your skin's hydration level. Your skin will look and feel better after just one use.

Bundle includes:

checkmark Kale Cleanser 
checkmark Cooling Serum 
checkmark Adaptogens Superfoods Moisturizer

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Laurie G.


✨ Cleanses Without Stripping Skin

✨ Instantly Hydrate & Moisturize

✨ Reduce Hyperpigmentation

✨ Instant Clearer and Brighter Skin

✨ Immediate Reduction In Redness



Full of rich antioxidants including vitamin A and vitamin C to boost collagen production


Naturally high in kojic acid that improves age spots, delays the signs of aging and helps your skin adapt to daily stressors


A powerful adaptogen that helps fight against free radical skin damage


Full of anti-inflammatory properties, reduces itching, irritation and redness


A collagen production booster, gotu kola helps reduce scars and prevents skin sagging, by keeping skin cells tight


A anti-inflammatory that supports skin healing, reducing signs of irritation

A Few Happy Customers...

Was Worried At First Since My Skin Is So sensitive That This Bundle Would Be A No Go But Oh My God, It Left My Skin Almost Squeaky Clean Without Feeling Damaged Or Dry Afterwards. The Cleanser Is A Win

Deanna H.

I really love this! It's hydrating but also exfoliating. The texture is creamy and soothing! This has been especially great in the winter months as my skin is extra dry and a bit flaky. I love how this has adaptogens!

Alexa J.

I truly love the cleanser, it doesn’t strip away my natural oils that I need and keeps my skin plump and moisturized while still doing it’s cleansing job. I highly recommend if you are someone like myself that suffered from acne and used harsh products.

Tessarei A.

fragrance free
paraben free
colorant free
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