Inspired by Persian Rituals, Adaptogenic, Naturals

Created by nature, combined by science


Decreases skin inflammation and oxidation. Helps control psoriasis and acne flares

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Gives a skin a natural glow and reduces pigmentation and acne inflammation

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Rich in fatty acids, Tamanu Oil hydrates and moisturizes skin, helps reduce psoriasis and acne scars

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A powerful adaptogen that helps fight free radical skin damage

shiitake reishi cooling serum


Beta-carotene strengthen the skin's natural lipid barrier

kale cleanser

licorice root

Full of anti-inflammatory properties, reduces itching, irritation and redness

adaptogens superfruits moisturizer

centella asiatica

A collagen production booster, gotu kola helps reduce scars and prevents skin sagging, by keeping skin cells tight

Vitamin C 20% + centella asiatica


Full of rich antioxidants including vitamin A and vitamin C to boost collagen production

kale cleanser

japanese green tea

A anti-inflammatory that supports skin healing, reducing signs of irritation

kale cleanser


Naturally high in kojic acid that improves age spots, delays the signs of aging and helps your skin adapt to daily stressors

shiitake reishi cooling serum


Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

shiitake reishi cooling serum