14 Skin Care and Beauty Tips and Products for Your 40s

By the time we reach the age of 40, there are certain areas of our bodies that begin to show signs of the years that have passed. Unfortunately, our skin is one of the first areas that show these signs of aging, and this can be very disheartening. Luckily, there are ways to slow down this aging and help embrace your skin every step of the way. The best ways to slow aging are to handle or protect yourself from things like UV radiation, pollution, poor diet, smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep, etc., which can cause premature aging. 

Of course, going hand in hand with avoiding these negative factors, you will want to reach for products that are designed for your skin type that help reduce aging. While you cannot stop aging and should never want to, ensuring you use products with quality ingredients can help fight fine lines. It is also vital that you work diligently to live a healthy lifestyle and establish a good routine when it comes to caring for your skin. 

What Are the Signs of Skin Aging?

You shouldn’t wait to begin establishing a quality skin care routine. In fact, if you have not invested in quality products by the time you reach 40, you are already a little behind. However, it is never too late to begin protecting your skin and reducing the signs of aging. 

There are some early signs of aging that you may have noticed as you grow older. There are some common signs that your skin will begin to show that you will want to combat through proper precautionary steps and skincare products. These early signs of aging are:

  • Dehydration – Younger skin will look more supple and smooth, as the outermost layer of skin is still in place and serves as a barrier to the outside world. Over time, this barrier becomes compromised, and your skin will lose its ability to retain this moisture, and the hyaluronic acid will begin to diminish. This unwanted dehydration can cause your skin to look duller and can also introduce the fine lines many see around age 40. 
  • Crow’s Feet – The eye area tends to be the first place that shows aging and is prone to showing small fine lines that many refer to as crow’s feet. The skin in this area is very thin, and your eyes tend to be very expressive, which leads to these lines. Around age 40, the collagen and elastin in the skin also break down, which leads to more lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging, especially in these areas. 
  • Hyperpigmentation – The skin’s coloration comes from something called melanin. During your time in the sun throughout your life, the skin releases melanocytes, which causes extra melanin to release. Over time, this can lead to an overproduction of pigmentation in some areas due to hormonal fluctuations and extended sun exposure. Unfortunately, this can lead to sunspots and age spots or uneven skin. 
  • Loss of Radiance – Over time, the amount of cellular turnover your skin goes through will decline between 30 to 50 percent. Essentially, this means that your skin cells will stay in place for longer and will take longer to slough away as they die; your skin can look less radiant and can be duller in appearance. 

Skin Care Beauty Tips & Products for Your 40s

As you get older, your skincare regimen will need to change to fit your ever-changing skin; although in your younger days, you may have been able to get by from merely washing your face, this won’t be the case anymore. In addition to perfecting your skin care routine, you will want to take some extra steps to avoid unwanted negative factors that can increase aging. 

Here, we will jump into some of the best skin care beauty tips and product additions you can make to your routine to combat aging and accept the effect of time more gracefully:

Always Exfoliate

As mentioned, your dead skin cells stay in place longer as you age and have a much longer turn over time than they do at a younger age. This is a significant reason why exfoliation is key to your beauty routine. You will need to find a quality scrub that fits your skin type and is not so overly abrasive that it will cause damage:

  • If you have dryer skin, you will want to use a cream-based scrub that will not only give you cleaning but is also moisturizing for your skin. 
  • If you have oilier skin, you will want to utilize a gel-based scrub that can help control your oils and leave your skin clean. 

Regardless of your skin type, you want a product that will help to remove the buildup of dead skin cells for a brighter appearance. 

You will want to try to find a scrub that is not irritating, which is why many choose those with round particles. You also want to avoid any scrubs or exfoliants that use plastic microbeads; these are very bad for the environment and have been removed from many brands. You will want to always listen to your skin and what it needs, but the average 40-year-old will need exfoliation about once a week. 

Moisturizer is Key

When you get older, skin tends to become drier, and your oil-producing skin glands become less active. This means that those who may have dealt with oils in the past may now have dry skin; this makes finding a quality moisturizer essential and you will want to ensure you are using something that helps your skin retain its suppleness. 

If you have noticed that your skin is looking extra dry or needs a boost, adding a night cream is something you may want to consider. Using a night cream daily or as regularly as possible can help your skin retain extra moisture during those nighttime hours. Each night before bed, lather on a fair amount of a quality night cream to help add hydration and give you a softer appearance each morning. 

Look for a Good Face Mask

If you have never tried a face mask, now is a great time to start. Not only do face masks give you a great way to have self-care time, but they can also help protect your skin from signs of aging. Face masks can help you add moisture, reduce fine lines, detox, exfoliate the skin, and so much more. 

Of course, you can also make your own DIY facemasks as well. There are countless recipes online that show you how to create masks from items you probably already have in your refrigerator. Regardless, adding either homemade or store-bought masks to your routine can help you give your skin an added boost. 

Pay Special Attention to Your Eye Area

Since your skin around your eyes will often show signs of aging first, you will want to pay special mind to this area. To avoid fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, you will want to find quality products to help. Begin incorporating a good under eye gel or under eye cream that can nourish the area and help reduce those fine lines and wrinkles. 

Cleanse Your Skin Regularly

Sleeping in your makeup can actually cause extreme premature aging. If you have been doing this for years, you want to stop immediately. In fact, you should aim to never sleep in your makeup and remove it each evening. You will want to get a good cleanser that does not irritate your skin, which can accelerate aging. 

You will want to gently wash your skin each night to remove pollution, makeup, and any other substances. If you have a day where you have extra sweat, dust, dirt, or other irritants near your skin, you may want to cleanse additional times. Some cleanse both in the morning and at night, but this depends on your skin; some can develop increased dryness from cleaning the face too often. 

Protect Your Skin from UV Rays

For healthier skin as you age, it is best to use protective clothing and SPF products when in the sun starting as early as childhood. However, if you have not done so in the past, your 40s is a critical time to start. There is a common misconception that sun damage only occurs while laying out near a beach or pool, but SPF should actually be worn daily

Any time that you may spend even a few minutes in the sunshine, you will at least want to apply sunscreen to your face and neck area. You can also use protective clothing or hats to protect yourself from unwanted sun damage. The minimal sunscreen strength should be SPF 30 or higher, and you want to choose something that is water-resistant. 

Before applying any makeup or skin products each morning, you will want to cleanse your face as you usually would and apply a fair amount of a quality SPF. You can also find several quality moisturizers that include SPF, which can be great for daily usage when you may not spend extended time in the sunshine. Using SPF regularly will help you avoid age spots and discoloration, along with lowering signs of aging like wrinkles. 

Diminish Visible Dark Spots

Over time, you may notice that your skin is prone to getting unwanted dark spots, which can be a sign of aging. There are several dark spot correctors on the market today that can help to fade this damage and give you a more youthful glow. You want to find something that has vitamin C, as it has natural brightening powers that can help even out skin in these areas. 

If you do not have an excess of dark spots but have some discoloration or lack of radiance in your skin, brightening products are an excellent option for you as well. You want to look for options that say brightening and not whitening, as you do not want to alter your complexion, but simply smooth it out. These products are great for reducing any spots and give you an overall more even-toned look. 

Live a Healthier Lifestyle

One of the best ways to look younger and more radiant on the outside is to improve your health on the inside. If you are not eating well and living a relatively healthy lifestyle, this can significantly affect your skin. Now is a great time to be focused on eating a healthier, well-balanced diet, with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. 

In fact, studies have shown that eating plenty of freshly grown produce can help prevent damage that leads to skin aging. Also, a diet with an excess of sugar or refined carbs can speed up the aging process. You want to focus on giving your body the healthiest options internally for a better appearance externally.

You also want to remember that age can lead to dehydrated skin, making getting six to eight glasses of water a day even more beneficial. This can help give your skin a more supple look and help flush away any toxins your body may be carrying with it. You also want to avoid drinking too much caffeine and especially alcohol, which can affect the skin. 

If you smoke, now is the absolute best time to stop. Not only can smoking cause several health issues, but it also is a significant contributor to aging. Smoking is shown to cause wrinkles and dull your complexion. 

Work on Avoiding Repetitive Facial Expressions 

While this can be a challenging one, part of the reason for fine lines and wrinkles is repetitive facial movements. If you have difficulty seeing, make sure that you are wearing your corrective lenses or glasses to avoid squinting. The same goes for those who are sensitive to the sun, as you will want to avoid squinting when outdoors; these movements can cause crow’s feet. 

You may also find that you are getting noticeable “smile” lines, which can be hard to control. While you don’t want to quit smiling, you may want to find a product that is targeted for this area. If you are highly concerned, there are cosmetic treatments available like Botox, but for many, this is too expensive and too drastic a measure. 

Add Skin-Boosting Vitamins to Your Routine

If you are not getting the most balanced diet or you simply want an added boost, you may want to reach for some extra vitamins. There are many vitamins or supplements available that can help increase your skin’s elasticity and collagen. A great supplement that can increase your skin’s moisture and delay aging is Omega-3. 

For those who do not eat fish or fish products, like those commonly found with Omega-3, you can try fish oil or flaxseed oil supplements. These can also help keep your skin supple and help replenish your skin’s lipids. If you find that you have adult acne, these supplements can also be beneficial for inflammation caused by acne. 

Look into Using Retinoids 

If you have noticed your skin is losing some elasticity, you may want to boost the collagen levels through products with retinoids. Collagen is the protein that is responsible for keeping your skin looking smooth, lifted, and crease-free. A great way to avoid wrinkles is to begin using a retinoid early to protect your skin against these signs of aging. 

You only want to use these retinoids a couple of times a week to start, as it can be harsh on your skin. Then, you can work up to using these products nightly as your skin become used to them over time. You can get gentle forms of retinoid in most beauty stores, in cream form. 

Do Not Forget Your Décolleté 

When you apply creams to your face, you also want to massage them into your jawline and neck area. You may even want to apply the creams onto your upper chest area, as this area can, too, show signs of aging. These are some of the most neglected patches of skin on the body and need extra love as well. 

You will often find the neck shows signs of aging, and this delicate skin can be hard to recover once it does. You will want to apply any creams or moisturizers you use on your face to your neck and upper chest. You can also find firming moisturizers and lotions that are great for this area as well. 

Apply Products in the Right Direction

While this may not seem very important, it can actually cause aging if you are not applying your products the right way. You want to avoid rubbing moisturizers, creams, or serums downward. Many want to wipe on these products quickly and forcefully, often dragging down their skin while doing so. 

To help fight the effects of gravity, you will want to apply products in an upward motion. Swiping upwards can help give your skin a little lift, helping to keep things moving in the right direction. Though this may not entirely stop sagging, it can help you reduce these signs. 

Add a Quality Primer to Your Makeup Routine

One thing that stands out to many older women is that their makeup is no longer going on as smoothly as it did in the past. Unfortunately, it may make your fine lines or wrinkles show up more to apply foundations or powders in these areas. However, a great way to help reduce the signs of these lines is to add a quality makeup primer—even better if it is a primer and moisturizer combined!

If you have noticed your fine lines standing out under your makeup, find a primer that fills these lines and helps even out your appearance. While this will not do much to fight the signs of aging, it can help you feel more comfortable in your skin. 

The Best Skincare Products for Mature Skin

Now that you know all the best tips and tricks for skin after age 40, let’s jump into some products that work wonderfully. Of course, you will always want to consider your own skin type and what works best for you. There is no one best way to take care of your skin, but these products are excellent at helping you get clean and moisturized skin that is actively fighting those unwanted signs of aging. 

The Best Cleanser

Having a quality cleanser is critical at any age, as it removes all your old makeup, dirt, and grime from the day. However, you do want to find cleansers that work well for more mature skin as you get older. For this, we recommend Kale Cleanser by Piperberry.

This is a great cleanser, full of quality ingredients like kale proteins, carrot proteins, and aloe vera. It not only gives your skin powerful nutrients but can also improve the look of scarring, discoloration, and inflammation. The cleanser is gentle but can be used to remove your makeup each night. 

The Best Moisturizer and Creams

As if we haven’t told you enough, moisture is vital as you grow older. If you are noticing your skin is drier than before, you will want to add a quality moisturizer. Enter Piperberry’s Adaptogens Superfruits Moisturizer

This moisturizer has age-fighting natural ingredients, such as bayberry and licorice root, helping your skin increase its natural collagen production to reduce sag while fighting free radicals. In addition, it can be used as a moisturizer and a primer, reducing redness, hydrating, and improving your skin tone while leaving the skin feeling fresh and ready for makeup applications. 

Of course, another great option is a deep moisturizing cream that can be applied at night for added suppleness to your skin: 

  • Estee Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant 24-H Moisture Creme– This moisturizing cream has been around for years and has thousands of women who swear by it. The technology has only gotten better over the years and can drastically change the texture of your skin. It is full of peptides and antioxidants, boosting hydration and improving signs of aging. 
  • SkinBetter AlphaRet Overnight Cream Face – This is a great nighttime cream that has both retinol and exfoliating lactic acid. The pump is an excellent addition to the product, as you can get the perfect amount of product for each night. It can be used to lather on before sleep each night and wake with supple, glowing skin. 
  • Collagen Face Moisturizer by L’Oreal Paris Skin Care Day and Night Cream – This is a great, affordable option for those who want age-fighting moisture for less cash. This amazing moisturizer is full of collagen-boosting action, guaranteeing to reduce signs of aging. You can also use this moisturizer both during the day and at night. 

The Best Serums and Masks

As you age, you will want to add more moisturizing and age-fighting products to your routine. You can find a variety of masks and serums online that are designed to fight aging and boost your skin’s appearance. Some of the best serums and masks available today are:

  • Adaptogens Superfruits Mask – This is a creamy and exfoliating mask that contains antioxidants that will help rejuvenate your skin. The mask has adaptogens that soothe your skin and help to increase collagen production, giving you softer skin after one application. You will find that regular use leaves you with firmer and brighter skin. 
  • RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum – This wrinkle serum is designed to address fine lines, enlarged pores, and even acne if needed. Retinol is a key way to reduce the signs of aging, but this serum also contains antioxidants, magnesium, and zinc, which can improve texture and brighten skin. This is a fairly affordable option that you can easily find. 
  • Olay Pro X Deep Wrinkle Treatment – A slightly more expensive option but also easy to find, this wrinkle treatment has a mild level of retinol that renews skin but does not lead to irritation. If you have noticed that retinol-based products have caused redness in the past, this is an excellent choice for you. You can find this Olay product at most drugstores, and it can help reduce the signs of aging by improving fine lines and wrinkles. 

Final Thoughts

If you have noticed that your skin has begun showing signs of aging, like fine lines, dry appearance, lowered brightness, etc. you will want to follow our tips and tricks listed above. By adding new products, living a quality lifestyle, and always protecting your skin, you can fight the signs of aging more effectively. It is never too early to start when it comes to using quality skincare and taking care of your skin. 

While our list of fantastic skincare products can ensure your skin stays smooth and can help reduce aging signs, you will also want to ensure you are comfortable in the skin you have. The best way to love the skin you are in is to embrace it at every age; take the best care of your skin that you can, but always stay proud of your appearance!

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