This Is The Best Make Up For A Blonde

Whoever said, blondes have all the fun, never had to find makeup for a blonde. There many shades of blonde, different skin tones, and eye color. All of these play a part in finding the best makeup for a blonde. 

The best makeup for a blonde is the kind that matches and flatters the user’s hair shade, skin tone, and eye color. There is no one type of blonde, so finding the best makeup requires looking at the user’s hair shade, skin tone, and eye color. 

Having blonde hair can be fun and challenging. Finding the best makeup for a blonde should be fun and not challenging. Learning how to find the skin undertone is the first step to makeup, followed by using eye and hair color to find the most flattering look for a blonde.  

Shades of Blonde

Blonde hair comes in a variety of shades, from platinum, to golden, to ashy. Each shade has different makeup colors that work well with it. Below are some flattering colors for each hair shade.

Hair Shade

Eyeshadow Color

Lipstick Color

Ash blonde




Golden blonde







Platinum blonde






Strawberry blonde



(source: Makeup tips for blondes)

Discovering Skin Undertone

People always seem to hear about skin tone but not often skin undertone, which is the color beneath the skin’s surface. Knowing your skin undertone is very helpful when determining to make up colors. Especially for blondes because any wrong color can be seen much easier than with other hair shades.  

There are three skin undertones: cool, warm, and neutral. 

Check Your Veins

Look at the veins on your forearm. What color do they look like? If your eyes look blue, then you might have cool undertones. If they look green, you might have warm undertones. Finally, if they look teal, you might have a neutral undertone. 

Silver versus Gold Jewelry

Put gold jewelry on one hand and silver on the other hand. Look at both hands and see which one looks best on your hand (not which one is your favorite). If silver makes your skin glow, then your skin might have cool undertones. If gold makes your skin glow, then you might have warm undertones. If both are the same, then you probably have neutral undertones. 

Exposure to Sun

Do you burn in the sun or tan in the sun? If you burn then, you might have cool undertones. If you tan, then you might have warm undertones.

(source: What Is Your Skin Undertone)

Natural Light

Look at yourself in the mirror wearing your current foundation color. Does it make your skin look gray? If so it is not the right undertone for your skin

(source: How to determine your skin undertone)


Choosing A Foundation

Once the skin undertone is determined, look for a foundation that matches it. Most foundations will have the letters C, W, or N, but if not, look the colors in the table that match your skin undertone. Most foundations are labelled with C, W or N.




Tan, shell, fawn beige

Golden, honey, warm beige

Look for shades in the middle, if you cannot find neutral then look at the warm colors

(source: cool vs warm undertone)


Eyebrows usually get lost on a blonde. They can be so light that they blend into the skin. Blondes do not want their eyebrows to be lost on their face. To help the eyebrows make a good statement, follow these simple steps.

Choose the Right Makeup Color

The important rule is to make your eyebrows one shade darker than your hair.  

For golden blonde, one wants blonde or light eyebrow makeup. For ashy blonde, one wants blonde or taupe eyebrow makeup. Finally, for dirty blonde, look for taupe or light brown eyebrow makeup.

Choose the Right Makeup Type

They are many options, and each gives the eyebrow a different look. 

  • Eyebrow pencils and crayons: Products used to fill in and define eyebrows. (source: eyebrow pencil)
  • Eyebrow gels: Hair spray for your eyebrows. (source: eyebrow gel)
  • Eyebrow powder: This product helps fill holes or empty areas on the eyebrow. (source: eyebrow powder)
  • Eyebrow Mascara: This product helps define eyebrows, gives them a fuller look, and holds eyebrows in place. (source: eyebrow mascara)
  • Eyebrow wax: This product helps the eyebrow maintain shape for an entire day. 

Use the Correct Tools

There are two popular tools for making the perfect eyebrow: A spoolie brush and an angled eyebrow brush. 

Spoolie brush: A tool that can comb, blend, and shape eyebrows. Many times one is attached to the end of an eyebrow pencil.

Angled eyebrow brush: A tool that can make precise lines and color application on the eyebrows. 

How To Apply The Makeup

Begin by combing the eyebrows upward. Follow the eyebrow line and apply the makeup pencil or crayon in short motions. That method is mimicking the look of real hair. Fill in empty spots and shape the eyebrows using powder or mascara. Finally, brush the eyebrows with the spoolie brush to blend the makeup. You can use gel or wax on this step 


Similar to the eyebrows, blonde hair makes pale lashes, which are hard to see. Blondes want to look for a mascara that first will add volume and second add color. For daytime use, brown mascara is a great choice for blondes. 

Makeup By Eye Color

Eyes come in all sorts of colors, and they are not privy to certain hair colors. When choosing eyeshadow, it is important to first look at the color of the eyes to see what eyeshadows make that particular eye color stand out. 

















Neutral pink


Purple Lavender


Neutral pink



Violet Eggplant



Icy Blue

(source: Makeup tips for blondes and matching eyeshadow to eye color)

Night Life

Blondes can use platinum colors to make a statement. Silver or gray eyeshadow and a slightly darker crease will add a glam look to your evening, and a taupe bronzer can add color without making the skin orange. 

Pretty in Pink

Blondes look great in natural makeup, and pink is a very natural color. Pink colors such as peachy-pink blush, pink-toned eye color, and pink lips are especially beautiful on a blonde. Brown mascara can complete the look. (source: makeup ideas for blonde hair)


Skincare Routine

Most people with blonde hair have fair skin. Fair skin is more susceptible to damage by the environment and getting wrinkles. It is important to have a good skin regime. This includes face wash and moisturizer. Below are a good face wash and moisturizer for fair skin. (source: caring for fair skin)



Kale Cleanser  

  • Gentle on the skin
  • Great for all skin types
  • Doubles as a makeup remover

Adaptogens Superfruits Moisturizer

  • Great for all skin types
  • Boosts skin collagen
  • Doubles as a primer

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to find the best makeup for a blonde. The job can be made easier by looking at hair shade, skin undertone, and eye color. One wants to define the best features and flatter the wearer. It can be as simple as wearing pink to adding platinum colors such as silver.

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